You sweats, you tears, you fights.

If you guys doesn't know, my 13 years of experience are the fullest one. I has been frequently changing my living place for least 8 times, working as a freelance Fashion Designer, Part-time at Media Corp, Full time Lead Designer and now my Label Sandra Azwan. It's took me so many years to reach my goal yet I am still trying my best to reach at my destination.

It's never going to be easy and not always be. Whatever it takes me to be at my destination, I wouldn't mind to work harder and extra time than other. In order to be there, I had faces so many challenges, obstacles and tears, I don't mind to sweats more because I believe every behind the success there is a story to tell.

Looking back at my 2 years, so much things had changed myself. What has lead me to work harder to have my name to print on the product label, it's never an easy way. You sweats, you tears, you fights.

P/S - 2019 Winter Collection.

Material - PV leather & Neoprene

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