back then.....

The world has changed, people has changed, I had changed, fashion, technology, media has changed and evolved so quickly.

Entering to new era 2020 has major changes to the entire world too, we called it 'Pandemic - Covid 19'. So everyone compulsory to wear mask and social distancing has became our must living style. So mask are part of the fashion now. Varieties mask and colors, specifications or gloves are in selling everywhere, you can find it in mamak restaurant, 7-11, grabcar and basically just everywhere .

People not use to shop in the mall already, they shop online. We know E-Commerce has been great all the time and because of this pandemic, E-Commerce became greater. In one night becomes multi-billion dollar business that everyone can make profit by selling their items through online platform. For instance, using social media platform to sell property, vehicle, insurance, investment, food, fashion and basically everything that can sell are Online now.

BUT one thing that never change is memory.

Back then, I worked super hard, sacrifices my bonding time with families and friends. I hardly go out or hang out with people. Rude to say, they know my name but I don’t know them. Although time can’t be reverse, to me is worth it, at least my hard work has been acknowledged by customers and proven I am worth for it to be success. Looking at my friends social media, most of them are married and had kids, travelled so many places has made me so jealous, I can’t blame no one only to myself because I chose this and I want this.

Today, you no longer need to work hard to earn something, you just need to work smart. Simply just click and paste can go online in a seconds. Thats it! 


So no more back then……move forward is the thing I am looking forward now. I mean look forward to my new launches Brand 'HENSEM' FACE CLEANSER by Sandra Azwan, you can shop online at SHOPEE!


 HENSEM kan??? hehe........

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